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We produce entire product lines for private-label use according to our clients’ specific requests.

Quality is the keyword of our philosophy.
Renée Blanche have operated in the cosmetic sector since 1970, working on the research, the development and the creation of cosmetic products both for professionals and individuals.
Our development process includes the usage of quality raw materials, follows our certified not-tested-on-animals formulations and the packaging for every single product.




We satisfy the requests of third companies that require larger amounts of our products, not packaged and according to precise delivery time.



We work on the packaging and the bottling of our clients’ products by combining two fundamentals aspects: practicality and aesthetic.

Full Service

Full Service

We offer a full service which includes both the manufacturing of the product and the packaging.


We carefully choose each ingredient in order to create quality products.

We research and select the best raw materials to guarantee quality, safe-use and effective products.
All our ingredients comply with precise chemical-physical requirements and microbiological purity which we monitor through ongoing inspections.

We study and develop the formulations of our products in our laboratories.

Before their sale, dermatological clinics and universities evaluate the skin compatibility through the so called patch test.
Consequently, every production batch is subject to chemical-physical and microbiological analysis. Our formulations are not tested on animals.

We are in charge of the production and the packaging of water-based liquid cosmetics, creams and emulsions.

We carefully select each packaging materials that express the experience of the desired product, offering various options for the packaging and the bottling.
The constant and innovative technical/scientific research is combined with the effective production in order to offer a valid solution for each need.

A consultancy service that accompanies our clients during their sale abroad.

We provide our clients with a consultancy service in terms of industry-related legislation in those Countries where the cosmetic products are to be marketed.
We draw up for each client a technical report to support their activity of sale our products on foreign markets.

A system of logistic that simplifies the shipping of our products both on national and international ground.

We include logistic, road and international transportation services combined with an advanced computer system to handle the workflow and a technical assistance team.
It is an integrated service that enables us to conceive and develop tailored solutions for each client.



We carefully select the raw material, we meticulously identify the best ingredients, our formulations respect the environment and our products are not tested on animals.


We rely on a team of professionals with several years of experience in the cosmetic field. Our goal is to satisfy the most demanding requests while offering a high standard service of assistance.


In our laboratories we conceive and develop the formulations of our products, adding the specific improvements to be in line with the latest techniques of this field.


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